I have been approved for Orientation. Where do I go and how long is Orientation?
Orientation is held in Vernon, Alabama. We have a 3 day orientation normally

Am I paid for Orientation and Training?
Drivers during orientation and training are paid $100.00 per day

What is covered in Orientation?
We go over the history, policies and procedures of VMC/TF as well as hands-on instruction for pumping product on/off of the tank. We cover the Smith System Driver Program and instruct drivers on using the Qualcomm system and cover logging and hours of service regulations. Other issues may be covered depending on the experience levels of the drivers in orientation.

Do I have to pay for a motel room?
No. VMC/TF pays for a motel room for you during Orientation and Training

I have never pulled a tank; does this disqualify me from working for VMC/TF?
No. We offer tanker training for drivers that meet out hiring guidelines.

How long is the training?
All drivers are evaluated throughout the training program to determine when to release them on their own. Training usually lasts from 2 to 4 weeks depending on the experience, skill and comfort level of the driver with pumps and procedures.

I have pulled tanker before but have never pumped product on or off the tank. What type of training will I have to go through?
For experienced tank drivers we offer pump training from a minimum of a weekend to a full week depending on the comfort and skill level of the driver.